patteren : proslogion diaries

golden : birth, and jack is innocent in the rosy fingered light wet summer : good for mushrooms : painted bolete : agaric
winter was too long : snow early, melted late : ice and wind and snow forms repeat themselves in the woodland garden of proslogion
three snow storms so far, winter came early : frozen rain, and cold wind proslogion colloquy : the hidden life below, now relegated to imagination
colloquy : remembering jack on the other side of the circle colloquy: moss, fungi, fern, flower: a dialogue on the forest floor
in proslogion garden the emphasis is on the hidden, subtle and ancient fungi now is the time in proslogion for living things to die : some perhaps not to die, but to stop growing
proslogion fungi : from the forest floor : magically endowed in woodland lore : life from death proslogion could be divisive in its complexity which is born of simplicity
'facing my wine, i didn't realize it got dark : petals falling from the trees have filled my clothes 'by the gate the moss is grown, many mosses, too deep to clear them away
'the moon shines on my bed : i think there is frost on the ground 'among the flowers, from a bowl of wine : i drink alone beneath the moonlight
'blue mountains north of the walls : white river winding through : here we separate 'you ask me why I dwell in the green mountain : i smile and do not reply for my heart is free
nature's forms repeat themselves in the woods of proslogion, not able to describe water hardens on the branches, some break under the weight of the ice :
the ice from rain that froze overnight : the temperature fell and there was some snow a combination strolling (that is, physical path); tea (that is, ceremonial) ...
the bowl: the spirit and correspondingly the actual, which is downward sloping... garden streams should be designed such that the flow of water is southwest