patteren . diaries

'memories of once pristine mind' :: a beautiful copy but with less beauty than the original :: in which anything goes as long as it attempts to be magnificent : so, in the end, a kind of dream language :: it should be, on balance, a good dream :: it must be described through circumnavigation, or whatsoever indirect images are opportune
'facing my wine, i didn't realize it got dark : petals falling from the trees have filled my clothes : drunk, i stand and step toward the moon in the stream : the birds are far away, and so are the people' — li bai, amusing myself :: proslogion garden: moss, trilium, petals, butterflies, fungi, alder, fern, jack
there are these drawings and paintings of incessant boxes, but since they are studies of some kind of subconscious formal structures whose complete architecture is not unknown, they are the selva oscura, the dark wood :: boxes, bowls, books
'a work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left' —marcel proust :: these diaries are vulgar, from necessity :: for the process to purge the thoughts :: not 'simple, cunning and courageous', they are neurotic :: he also said: 'everything great in the world comes from neurotics ... '
'and though ich euere pleyne Or alwey wepe, I am no thyng to blame, Syn I haue lost the cause of al my game' —Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde :: the initial and preliminary blueprints for a digital game, but keeping in mind the original middle english meaning of the word: joy, happiness :: because the digital times have a way of converting that meaning subtly into madness
an attempt to rescue some works begun long ago and never finished :: lapsuus means 'childhood' in finnish :: one is a piano concerto, the other a series of paintings, somehow they work well together while incomprehensible alone
moving from the woods to the city, missing 'proslogion garden' :: there is natura naturans
the world of los is a complex and historically evolving thing, so these diaries are made simple by focusing down to the primary elements of the los language, the bits and pieces of the code of uriel, thyme, moiræ and virgil
fleur is another which attempts at the ineffable-ness of the flower, the rosa, iris, de lis, whichever, they are important . it was important enough for medieval theologians to speak of he who was born 'of a flower, in a flower, at the time of flowers' and the non-dimishing beauty of the flower in corrupted digital (piecemeal) times is influential
an attempt to denote the wellspring of structural images comprising the so-called "columns of light repetition" which are the underpinning supports of the "temple of cathedron" ... but beyond this they are difficult to explain ...