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map: the 'synchronicity' that struck me in having happened to pick up Panofsky and Jung on the same day were the statement: Jung: 'The so-called "scientific view of the world" ... can hardly be anything more than a psychologically biased partial view which misses out all those by no means unimportant aspects that cannot be grasped statistically.' : and Panofsky: who elucidates the 'eternal dilemma of empiricism' which had emerged by the middle of the fourtheeenth century: that between the intuitus of nominalism, 'notitia intuitiva', and the intuitus of mysticism, 'notitia abstractiva',: 'all that which is real, ... can never be rational, while all that which is rational, ... can never be real; so that all metaphysical and theological problems—including the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, and ... even causation—can be discussed only in terms of probability.' : Jung and Panofsky have identified similar shortcomings of empiricism dominant during different periods