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map : Panofsky speaks of 'Pre-Scholastic Augustinianism (asserting, among other things, the independence of the will from the intellect)' in contrast to Thomas Aquinas' Aristotelian inclination of defining the soul as more of an organizational substance of the body than existing a priori : he then speaks of a 'return to anti-rational mysticism' through Eckhart after the phase of High Scholasticism : George Bernard Shaw, in his discussion of Ibsen, states that, in his time, 'the recognition of the will as distinct from the reasoning machinery began to spread' : it is striking that these discussions of periodical waxing between attitudes of rationalism and mysticism, separation or integration of will and intellect, if taken as maps, collapsed and irrespective of time, reflect, rather than critical intellectual leanings during any particular self-important era, reflections of internal waxing inclinations of the human spirit