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proslogion forms : the gate : motif : representing passage to another world : of course there is dante's entrance to hell, above which is written 'abandon all hope, ye who enter' : the shinto tori, an open gateway which symbolizes transition from mundane to holy : the entrance to the contemplation garden, the passage again from mundane to sacred : the Egyptian stela, false door on a tomb, symbolically allows the soul to fly through : the half-open roman doors depicting death : perhaps most apt to proslogion conception (along with the tori): is the irish portal dolmens, megalithic tombs, upright boulders capped by one flat stone, the lintel stone or capstone, the earliest post and lintel formation : the practice of these tombs developed independently in different parts of the world : these tombs, more than four thousand years old, were made with stones weighing up to 50 tons and carved without metal, transported without wheels : this stonehenge style, freestanding and same in structure as the tori