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these maps of meta involve time : involve the collapsing of time into one moment : maps involve relationships that place each of two feet in a different milieu : one milieu being meta physical : the other milieu being the detectable and obvious environment, the underlying : the map illuminates the underlying, but stands alone in its own milieu : this standalone focus is where the process becomes the end; the result : the paradox of the means becoming the end; the process being the focus involves the essentialness of temporality : this is because one begins the process with an end goal in mind and works toward that goal and eventually, with time, the goal becomes irrelevant and the process originally intended to serve the goal is now standing on its own : so when the temporal dimension is collapsed the process and the goal are given a new relationship, that is, they are simultaneous and so the pesky cause and effect issue is disarmed and this allows the paradox of meta to dissolve : los