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the process : the layers of process : layers continue to be deposited after the completion of the work : the audience deposits layer after layer : this is continued fermentation : kandinsky: "To whom is the soul of the artist crying out, assuming that it too was involved in the act of creation? What is it trying to communicate? 'To shine light into the depths of the human heart is the profession of the artist,' says Schumann. 'A painter is a man who can draw and paint everything,' says Tolstoy ... Of these two definitions of the artist's activity we must choose the latter, ..." source : he goes on to malign l'art pour l'art and technique as an end to a means rather than the inverse : but actually schumann and tolstoy are saying the equivalent : that technique for its own sake is an end in the sense that the answer to what the artist seeks is the act of seeking : and the answer to his question, to whom ... ? is to the artist him or herself : it is to the layers of the seeking that the viewer responds, can sense, underneath a small, quickly executed line : and because of this technique purely for the sake of seeking an artist is one who can draw and paint everything